Nails are just one of the indicators of our overall health — they can point to potential health issues and harbor germs and bacteria if not properly cared for.

Nail care doesn’t always top the list of things to address in our everyday routines, after all there is so much to consider — eating healthy and exercising are among many — it’s no wonder nail care takes a back seat. Nails, however, can indicate concerns that need attention, and if left unaddressed, can cause fungal and bacterial infections, and can cause ingrown toenails.

Keep your feet and ankles in good health when you partner with Dr. Pound who specializes in foot and ankle care and treats a host of conditions including fungal nails, corns and callouses, nerve pain, bunions, and diabetic foot care. Nail care is crucial to our health — learn more about how to properly care for your nails in today’s post.

Proper Nail Care

When was the last time you observed your nails? What are they telling you? Perhaps they are thickened or have an unusual color. Take a look and read below for better nail care tips!

Nail care habits to avoid:

Overlook concerns – If you have a chronic nail issue that just won’t go away, do not simply ignore it! The best course of action is to see a foot care specialist that can diagnose and treat your issues. Many times, these nail issues are a part of a larger picture of your health and may point to other health issues.

Nail care habits to implement:

Use a proper toenail cutting tool such as nail clippers and make sure they are clean. Trim your nails straight across.

It can be easy to skip over nail care, but when you implement some basic, practical steps you can prevent issues and keep your nails strong and healthy.

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