Skin is your first line of defense, and when it gets wounded or broken down, the consequences can be serious. This is particularly true when it comes to lower extremity wounds, which can result in limb loss when they don’t heal. At Dr. Pound Foot and Ankle, we offer world-class wound care and healing strategies to give you the best possible outcome.

Diabetic Foot Wound Care & Limb Preservation
Five out of six amputations in the United States are due to non-healing diabetic foot wounds. We want to change that. By offering excellent, customized wound care and limb preservation technology, we are your strongest allies in Fort Myers.

Arterial and Venous Wounds
When the body cannot deliver nutrient-rich blood to an area of your leg or foot, the tissue sickens and you get venous and arterial ulcers. These open wounds not only cause constant pain but also put patients at risk for limb loss. We can help. Our team has extensive experience in caring for ulcers and providing effective relief.

Traumatic and Surgical Wounds
Whether you’ve been injured or had surgery, skin wounds on your foot/ankle require special attention to ensure they heal completely. We’ll help you monitor any concerns and provide effective intervention if necessary.

Professional care defines what your life will look like years after an operation or injury, and at Dr. Pound Foot and Ankle, we’re dedicated to helping you maximize your healing. Contact our office in Fort Myers today.