Nineteen muscles and tendons. 26 bones. 33 joints. 107 ligaments. These features form one of the toughest, hardest-working parts of your body: your foot. When something goes wrong, it’s pretty difficult to ignore. The question is, what’s the best solution? At Dr. Pound Foot and Ankle, we provide a full array of surgical and non-surgical options.

Common Foot Pain Questions

Isn’t it normal to have some pain in the foot or ankle?

  • Absolutely not. Pain is your body’s way of saying something is wrong. Many times, seeing a foot/ankle specialist early on can prevent the need for surgery, so make an appointment with us in Fort Myers today.

Will surgery be my only option?

  • Surgery is only necessary when all conservative measures have been exhausted. For instance, heel spurs, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and corns and calluses seldom need surgical intervention.

How long is foot surgery recovery?

  • Feet generally take between three to six months to recover comfort-wise after surgery. Chances are good you’ll be working through swelling and range of motion issues for a year. This is why we only turn to surgery when it’s absolutely necessary.

Customized Foot and Ankle Care

In many situations, early intervention is the key to eliminate expensive surgery, but people don’t realize until it’s too late. It’s imperative to come see us early. During your appointment, we’ll listen to you and answer your questions to ensure you receive individualized care. Whether surgery is needed or not, you can rest assured we will provide world-class service. Contact us in Fort Myers today!