After foot surgery from Dr. Pound Foot and Ankle, you have an incredible opportunity to define your path to recovery. We are here to give you the information, tools, and support you need. Whether you’re here because you want to level up your recovery or you’re considering surgery and want to know what to expect, we encourage you to explore the insights below and contact our foot and ankle office with any questions.

Getting Back on Your Feet After Surgery

Follow directions about weight-bearing activities.

Depending on your operation, you may have to use crutches and/or a walking boot. Studies have proven that something as simple as a boot can significantly shorten recovery time, so even if the prescribed gear annoys you, stick with it and give your bones a chance to get strong again.

Rebuild strength with recommended exercises.

Once your foot is stable enough, we’ll get you going with physical therapy (PT). Whether you go through your PT exercises at home or at a facility, remember that they are crucial to getting you moving again. They may be painful at first, but we can help you manage the discomfort. Once you start to see results (and you will), we guarantee your spirits will rise!

Let us help prevent future injuries.

Recovery isn’t just about moving on from surgery, it’s about building an injury-free future. Our experts will help you figure out how to live life to the fullest without putting yourself at risk for additional injuries.

Turn to Us for World-Class Foot and Ankle Care

When you undergo foot or ankle surgery with Dr. Pound Food and Ankle, you get a team of experts passionate about maximizing your care. Contact us to learn more.